We Believe Real Estate is a Team Effort

#1 Goal: "Strengthen Homes, Communities & Lives"

Hundreds of thousands of people every year are hit with one of life’s unexpected “curve balls” – as a result they need the help only a dedicated, knowledgable team can provide.

That's where we come in.  We know you want to provide your clients with the best service possible and leave them with a lasting impression.  Sometimes that means reaching out to your team, Sturdy Foundations, to make that happen.

Although we may not be the best answer for every problem or person, we are able to provide creative solutions for those who need it by leveraging the power of an incredible team and network. If you’re interested in learning more about working with or becoming part of that team, please read through the information below to see how we can best serve you.

How we help you & your clients

  • We purchase any type of traditional or distressed property
  • We buy condos, townhomes, multi-family, and single-family detached homes
  • We buy in all price points from $50,000 & up - (as long as we can add enough value to make the deal work for all sides)
  • We'll buy homes with any and all amounts of work from cosmetic rehabs to complete tear downs
  • Affiliate that helps you and your clients, repeatedly
  • Exclusive Client Programs that enhance and strengthen their quality of life

Why we love working with agents

Agent Partnership

We believe that good real estate professionals are those who place a high value on the knowledge and expertise of good agents.

We could not achieve our level of success without the many strong partnerships and relationships we have cultivated. At Sturdy Foundations, we place high value on the knowledge and expertise of good real estate agents.

We strive to build relationships with qualified, experienced agents who have both a passion for real estate and an uncompromising drive to succeed. We believe that by working together, we will not only develop a history of successful win-win transactions, but also create a powerful and lucrative collaboration that adds value and serves our community.


Benefits of working with us

agent benefits

Gain Repeat Business

One of the main benefits of working with our solutions team is the potential for repeat business throughout the course of a year. By working consistently with a successful team who strives to not only help your client but actively buy and sell properties, you can predict a steady revenue stream based on their level of activity. Although it varies, most real estate agents typically close on 2 to 10 properties per year with us.

Solutions Specialists

We make the investment on you and your client so that they can strengthen life financially.

By gauging your clients needs, it may be in their best interest to not list their home but to refer them to a Solutions Company. In some cases, the client may be facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, probate or some other distressed situation that requires them to sell their home faster than it takes to list and sell. This is where you can refer them to a solutions company where we determine their needs and provide them with the help they need. Your referral could mean a bigger commission later on down the road. 

For example, let’s say that an client contacted you about selling their home and they were facing foreclosure within weeks, instead of listing their property you refer them to us. We purchase the home and get them in the right programs (i.e. credit repair and STEM) to get them back on their feet. During that time frame, our team will renovate the house (if needed), then we contact you as a licensed agent to represent us.  

Opportunity to make BOTH Sides of Commission

By acting as a dual agent in a transaction, representing both the buyer and seller, you can earn both sides of the commission. 

For example, let’s say that you as a licensed agent have an REO property listed. We buy the REO, you get commission.  Our team renovates the home and YOU represent us when its ready to re-hit the market.

Our goal is for the agents we work with to be excited to work with us which is why we’re happy for you if you received both sides of the commission. That merely means you were great at your job!

Become a Real Estate Solutions Specialist

There are a number of properties in the marketplace needing renovations – anything from cosmetic repairs to full-gut rehabs. Often times, you as the agent are the first contact for sellers behind on payments, who need to sell quickly, or don’t have equity in their home. These are exactly the types of opportunities we are looking for. If you or someone in your office have these types of listings, we may be able to quickly purchase the homes with CASH. After a few successful transactions, you can utilize that success to gain more exposure in your market and build your credibility as a distressed property specialist – ultimately, increasing your income opportunity.

Access to pre-listed inventory

At Sturdy Foundations, Inc we constantly have an inventory of completely renovated properties; and YOU will have access to that inventory BEFORE that property is listed on the MLS. This creates a great opportunity for buyers – especially a first-time homebuyer, as they would have the chance to purchase a newly renovated and fairly priced property. In some cases, your buyers can also have the benefit of giving input on certain features of their home and choosing custom finishes BEFORE renovations are fully complete. By providing this option to your buyer, it completely differentiates you from other agents – therefore, directly impacting your bottom-line!

Opportunity to host open houses

Newly renovated vacant properties generate a lot of interest from potential buyers – like a neighbor or anyone else looking for properties priced aggressively and in pristine condition. By acting as a seller’s agent, this creates a great opportunity to host open houses for these properties; allowing you to meet many new potential buyers that you can add to your database, and possibly cultivate as buyer clients of your own


Short Sale Referrals

As a real estate solutions company we obtain many leads – many of which are short sales.  The short sale process can be lengthy, and it is in the best interest of the client to refer those leads to a specialist rather than work with the sellers themselves. This creates a huge opportunity for you to become a “short sale specialist” – by listing these properties and getting the commission when they sell. As a short sale specialist, you also have the opportunity of working with our title company that will negotiate the short sales for you instead of wasting your time, which provides you with more of an revenue stream ten fold!

Free Training & Joint Venture Potential

At Sturdy Foundations, Inc., we pride ourselves on having a strong foundation of real estate knowledge and training. Our core business lies within our systems, education and knowledge of the real estate industry. We did not just buy a CD off the Internet and become a real estate solutions company overnight. We have spent thousands of dollars to learn how to be successful in this business and do it the right way the first time. 

By working with us, you can benefit from our knowledge, gain untraditional and creative experience and have an amazing opportunity to learn all the ins-and-outs of the other side of real estate. To us, this is invaluable.  Should you decide to take interest in becoming more involved directly with us, there are a few unique opportunities that can create an additional income stream for you – and you can either take a hands on or hands off approach. Let us know if you’re interested in a possible joint venture opportunity, and we can discuss it in great detail.



Working with us, you can increase your profit; but not necessarily increase the amount of work you need to do to close each deal.  Your goal should be to:

  • Spend no more than a few hours per day finding and making offers on our behalf
  • Automate most of the work utilizing our documents such as repair sheets and deal analyzer
  • Specialize in a very specific, relatively small, geographic area – therefore, not spending your time driving all over looking at houses

Although many of our offers will be typically lower than retail clients, we serve as a great benefit for hard-to-sell properties or those requiring the bank or seller to move quickly.  We are also a good fit if you have listings that have difficulty qualifying for traditional financing based on the current condition of the property.  We are not the perfect fit for everyone; yet for the seller with the right motivation, these features are a necessity.


Nope! We already know what we’re looking for, and our criteria typically stays the same. While we may need you to let us inside a property once in a while, we wouldn’t ask you to spend your time on wild goose chases


Yes! You can automate most of the process so you’re not wasting your time working on tedious tasks. By working with our team, you create a very lucrative source of income as well. In a partnership with us, you can earn multiple commissions by representing us as both the buyers and sellers agents.


Our offers are creative or in cash depending on the situation. They are below retail, but they are also fair and highly valuable because they are cash offers or the client needs a creative situation to strengthen their financial health. Some of our offers do get rejected; and, unlike traditional clients who may buy or sell a home once every five years, we make multiple transactions annually


You have the opportunity to become what we call a “preferred solutions agent.” When working with the Sturdy Foundations Team, you can act as the buyers agent, the listing agent and the referral agent. In other words, you may be able to earn triple commission on a single deal. Secondly, we will actively send you leads on listings and give you the right to generate more leads by marketing our homes once the renovations are complete. We can and will also send buyers to you.


We purchase homes in pre-foreclosure, over-leveraged, condemned, liens or health department violations, not maintained, fire damaged, estate sales, stagnant listings, even about to fall down homes - we can buy it!



“The Sturdy Foundations team is clearly committed to being successful in the Real Estate business. They are eager to learn as much about their customer's Real Estate issue as possible, and not afraid to take the steps necessary to assist them in any way they can. They have built a solid foundation through their systems, and have developed the knowledge required to analyze the market and identify alternative methods for sellers. They genuinely demonstrate an interest in adding value, and I look forward to working with them in the future.”

Jonah Kogen

Hillside Realty

Principal Broker, Realtor

“I would like to give a strong, heartfelt recommendation to Sturdy Foundations for the knowledge and service they provide. For as long as I have know Michael Gregg he has been a pillar of strength and compassion for folks who have needed his guidance through often difficult real estate and mortgage related situations. He and his team have provided much needed help to a number of people who were in tough situations and had very few places to turn. What struck me most is not only his ability to show a high level of empathy and provide creative and real solutions, but also his ability to provide options that allow his clients to move forward with complete confidence and dignity. Again, I give my full vote of confidence for the work Sturdy Foundations does every day in our community.

Mahalo, Vern Leaman

First California Mortgage Company

"The Sturdy Foundations team are individuals who are serious about their real estate business and providing viable solutions for their clients. They are committed to accountability, professionalism, integrity, good character, putting their clients first and foremost. Sturdy Foundations, Inc. is committed to providing real estate solutions and improving their community. If you are looking to sell, buy, renovate or solve any real estate problem, look no further than Sturdy Foundations, Inc. in Hawai'i. Michael, Angela and their team have the resources, commitment and, most importantly, the integrity to help you."

Regards, Than Merrill & Paul Esajian Stars from A&E's hit TV show "Flip This House"